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GloboCap Über Alles


Authored (satirically) by CJ Hopkins through,

So, how are you having fun with the “New Regular” to date? Is it paranoid and totalitarian sufficient for you? If not … effectively, maintain on, as a result of it’s simply getting began. There’s loads extra totalitarianism and paranoia nonetheless to come back.

I do know, it seems like ceaselessly already, however, in actual fact, it has solely been a couple of months since GloboCap began rolling out the brand new official narrative. We’re nonetheless within the early phases of it. The section we’re in now could be type of like the place we had been again in February of 2002, a couple of months after the 9/11 assaults, when everybody was nonetheless in shock, the Patriot Act was just some months previous, and the Division of Homeland Safety hadn’t even been created but.

You bear in mind the way it was again then, when GloboCap was introducing the official “Conflict on Terror” narrative, don’t you?

OK, possibly you do and possibly you don’t. Perhaps you’re too younger to recollect, otherwise you had been caught up within the pleasure of the second and weren’t listening to the main points. However a few of us bear in mind it clearly. We bear in mind watching (and futilely protesting) as GloboCap ready to invade, destabilize, and restructure the whole Center East, as international locations all through the worldwide capitalist empire carried out “emergency safety measures” (which, 18 years later, are nonetheless in impact), as the company media bombarded us with official propaganda, jacked up The Concern, and in any other case ready us for the earlier “New Regular” … a few of us bear in mind all that clearly.

Personally, I bear in mind listening to a liberal tutorial on NPR calmly speculating that, simply hypothetically, sooner or later within the not-too-distant future, we’d have to sacrifice our rules a bit, and torture some folks, to “maintain America protected.” I recounted this to different People on the time, amongst my many different considerations about the place the post-9/11 mass hysteria was heading. Most of them advised me I used to be simply being paranoid, or that they didn’t actually care, as a result of we would have liked to do no matter was “mandatory” to guard People, and, in any occasion, “the terrorists deserved it.” Shortly thereafter, I began planning to get the hell in a foreign country.

I point out that, to not sign my advantage — leaving the united statesA. didn’t obtain something, aside from enhancing my lifestyle — however to jog your reminiscence, and possibly immediate you to match that interval to the one we’re in now. The parallels are overwhelming. The “state of emergency.” The propaganda. The mass hysteria. The mob mentality. The exaggeration of the particular menace. The police-state ambiance. The suppression of dissent. The fixed repetition of the brand new official narrative. The exhortative catchphrases and meaningless slogans. The confusion. The chaos. The existential concern. And so forth. It’s all so very acquainted.

I’m referring to the simulated pandemic, in fact, but in addition to the racialized civil unrest and identitarian polarization that GloboCap has fomented all through the USA, and, to various levels, the remainder of the empire. I’ve been masking the Conflict on Populism and GloboCap’s “Trump-is-literally-Hitler” propaganda since 2016, so the civil unrest isn’t terribly stunning. However, I confess, I didn’t see the pretend plague coming. Working the 2 psy-ops collectively was sensible. The impact on folks has been devastating. Everyone seems to be both depressed or enraged, or in some stage of paranoid paralysis. Some have been so totally terrorized that they’re actually refusing to depart their homes. Others are lining up at gun outlets. White individuals are getting down on their knees and publicly washing Black folks’s toes in “symbolic demonstrations of forgiveness.” Condiments are altering their names. It’s like we’re all trapped in a gratuitously didactic Netflix zombie-apocalypse collection set on the earth of The Handmaid’s Story, written, directed, and produced by Spike Lee.

The official propaganda couldn’t be extra Orwellian, nor might folks’s willingness to go together with it. It doesn’t even have to look to make sense. Doublethink has taken over. For instance, a lot of the developed world has been in some type of totalitarian lockdown, and subjected to different police-state measures (like being overwhelmed and arrested for not carrying a masks), for no justifiable cause by any means, for happening the final 5 months, however, in line with the company media (and the hundreds of thousands of individuals they’ve apparently brainwashed), it’s solely now that Trump has despatched his Homeland Safety goons into Portland that, out of the blue, “democracy is below assault!”

However wait … no, I take it again, the Orwellianism will get much more Orwellian. In accordance with GloboCap and its sanctimonious minions, that sentence I simply wrote about Portland is racist, as a result of practically the whole lot you’ll be able to think about is racist, or is a possible menace to the general public well being. Calling riots “riots” is racistSilence is racistFree speech is racistRefusing to put on a masks is racistThe BLM protesters are proof against the virus, however different massive gatherings (which, it goes with out saying, are most likely racist) all must be banned. Normality, as People knew it, is over, and it’s by no means, ever, coming again, as a result of white supremacy brought on the pandemic. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland (the place life has been happening with out mass hysteria) don’t exist. They’ve by no means existed (and, in the event that they ever did, they had been most likely racist). Speaking on public transportation is lethalInteracting with kids is doubtlessly lethal, as are most different types of human interplay … except you’re tearing down a racist statue, or burning down a neighborhood household enterprise, whereas carrying a designer anti-racism masks.

Significantly, although, identical to in 2002, when GloboCap was nonetheless rolling out the “Conflict on Terror” narrative, the info are all out there for anybody who cares. The falsification of Covid statistics and hospital capability figures, the unreliability of the checks, and so forth … it has all been repeatedly documented. Anybody with a constructive check consequence who later dies of any trigger (together with a deadly bike accident) is counted as a “Covid dying.” Anybody admitted to a hospital for something who checks constructive for the virus is a “Covid hospitalization.” And, I’m sorry to disappoint my liberal mates (assuming I’ve any left at this level), however systematic racism and police brutality didn’t out of the blue start in 2016.

What out of the blue started in 2016 was a concerted effort on the a part of GloboCap to place down a rising populist backlash in opposition to international capitalism and its soulless ideology. Sure, most of that backlash is neo-nationalist in character, but it surely additionally features a vital variety of old school lefty-types like myself, and lots of different un-woke people who aren’t fairly able to embrace their new identities as interchangeable human commodities.

We’re experiencing the fruits of that effort (or what they hope is the fruits of that effort) to place down this motley populist insurgency, and be certain that it by no means occurs once more. GloboCap is educating us a lesson. The lesson is:

“That is what you get if you fuck round with GloboCap. That is what voting for Trump, Brexit, and all the remainder of that ‘populist’ nonsense will get you … international pandemics, civil race wars, riots, lockdowns, financial despair, societal collapse, chaos, concern. Go forward, fuck round with us some extra. We are going to make you put on ridiculous face masks ceaselessly. We are going to paint little arrows and bins on the ground to indicate you the place to stroll and stand. We are going to bankrupt your companies, shut down your faculties, psychologically torture your kids. We’ll inject them with any fucking factor we wish. There’s nothing you are able to do about it. We are going to make you get down in your knees and apologize for fucking with us, or we are going to stigmatize you as a ‘racist,’ sic our mobs of fanatics on you, and ‘cancel’ you and your complete household.”

This, primarily, is the message that GloboCap is delivering to disobedient populists (left or proper, it makes no distinction; GloboCap doesn’t care which political labels we cling to or slap on one another). It’s our last warning to stop enjoying grab-ass, get with the worldwide capitalist program, and begin behaving and considering as we’re advised … except we wish to get locked down once more, and ordered to put on issues on our faces, and be in any other case ritually humiliated.

See, the so-called “New Regular” (i.e., the brand new ideological narrative that GloboCap is rolling out) is definitely not that new in any respect … or, OK, the pathologization half is (and I’ll be paying shut consideration to that side of it), however, principally, it’s simply plain previous totalitarianism. It isn’t state-totalitarianism, as a result of our world isn’t dominated by nation-states. It’s dominated by international capitalism. We’re being reminded of that reality for the time being … and being proven what occurs if we begin to overlook it.

The place we go from right here is anybody’s guess. My hunch is, it is just going to worsen till they’ll get Trump out of workplace, which People are liable to assist them do, merely to make the entire nightmare cease. As soon as he’s gone, they’ll most likely retire the pretend pandemic, name off the riots, and stage some type of worldwide celebration of the Rebirth of Democracy, after which they’ll get lastly again to the enterprise of ruthlessly destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing the planet, sanitizing historical past, curing humanity of racism, hate, and different pathologies, and in any other case imposing inflexible conformity to international capitalist ideology.

Perhaps they may get the Hamilton composer to jot down them a hip hop Deutschlandlied to make use of as a supranational anthem. They might name it GloboCap Über Alles … it type of has a hoop to it, doesn’t it?