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Out Of The Reminiscence Gap: The Dystopian Thread From 9/11 To The COVID Hysteria

Authored by Edward Curtin by way of,

For anybody sufficiently old to have been alive and conscious of the assaults of September 11, 2001 and of so-called COVID-19 in 2020, reminiscence might serve to remind one in every of an eerie parallel between the 2 operations. 

Nevertheless, if reminiscence has been expunged by the work of 1’s forgettery or deleted by the company media’s flushing it down the reminiscence gap, or if data is missing, or perhaps concern or cognitive dissonance is obstructing consciousness, I wish to level out some similarities that may perk one as much as contemplate some parallels and connections between these two operations.

The elemental tie that binds them is that each occasions aroused the human concern of dying.

Underlying all fears is the concern of dying.  A  concern that has each organic and cultural roots. On the organic degree, all of us react to dying threats in a struggle or flight method. Culturally, there are a number of ways in which concern might be allayed or exacerbated, purposely or not. Normally, tradition serves to ease the concern of dying, which might traumatize individuals, by its symbols and myths. Faith has for a very long time served that objective, however when faith loses its maintain on individuals’s imaginations, particularly in regard to the idea in immortality, as Orwell identified within the mid-1940s, an enormous void is left.  With out that comfort, concern is often tranquilized by trivial pursuits.

Within the circumstances of the assaults of September 11, 2001 and the present corona virus operation, the concern of dying has been utilized by the ability elites with the intention to management populations and institute long-planned agendas.  There’s a purple thread that connects the 2 occasions.

Each occasions have been clearly anticipated and deliberate.

Within the case of September 11, 2001, as I’ve argued earlier than, linguistic mind-control was rigorously crafted prematurely to conjure concern on the deepest ranges with using such repeated phrases as Pearl Harbor, Homeland, Floor Zero, the Unthinkable, and 9/11.  Every in its turns served to boost the concern degree dramatically. Every drew on previous conferences, paperwork, occasions, speeches, and deep associations of dread. This language was conjured from the chief sorcerer’s playbook, not from that of an apprentice uncontrolled.

And as David Ray Griffin, the seminal 9/11 researcher (and others), has identified in a dozen meticulously argued and documented books, the occasions of that day needed to be rigorously deliberate prematurely, and the publish hoc official explanations can solely be described as scientific miracles, not scientific explanations. These miracles embody: large steel-framed high-rise buildings for the primary time in historical past coming down with out explosives or incendiaries in free fall velocity; one in every of them being WTC-7 that was not even hit by a airplane; an alleged hijacker pilot, Hani Hanjour, who may barely fly a Piper Cub, flying a large Boeing 757 in a most tough maneuver into the Pentagon; airport safety at 4 airports failing on the identical second on the identical day; all sixteen U.S. intelligence businesses failing; air visitors management failing, and so on.  The listing goes on and on.  And all this managed by Osama bin Laden. It’s a fairy story.

Then we had the crucially vital anthrax assaults which can be linked to 9/11. Graeme MacQueen, in The 2001 Anthrax Deception, brilliantly exhibits that these too have been a home conspiracy.

These deliberate occasions led to the invasion of Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, the invasion of Iraq , the continued struggle on terror, and so on.

Allow us to not neglect years of these fraudulent color-coded warnings of the terrorist ranges and the federal government admonition to make use of duct tape round your home windows to guard in opposition to a large chemical and organic assault.

Leap to 2020

Let me begin in reverse whereas color-coded designs are recent in our minds. Because the COVID-19 lockdowns have been underneath approach, a humorous factor occurred as individuals have been wishing that life may return to regular they usually could possibly be let loose of their cages. Comparable color-coded designs popped up in every single place on the identical time.  They confirmed the step-by-step schedule of attainable loosening of presidency controls if issues went based on plan. Pink to yellow to inexperienced. Eye catching. Pink orange yellow blue inexperienced.  As with the terrorist warnings following September 11, 2001.  In Massachusetts, a so-called blue state the place I reside, it’s shade chart ends in blue, not inexperienced, with Section four blue termed “the brand new regular: Improvement of vaccines and/or remedies allow the resumption of ‘the brand new regular.’” Fascinating wording.  A resumption that takes us again to the long run.

As with the duct tape admonitions after 9/11, now everybody is suggested to put on a masks. It’s fascinating to notice that the three M Firm, a significant vendor of duct tape, can also be one of many world’s main sellers of face masks.  The corporate was anticipated to be producing 50 million N95 respirator masks monthly by June 2020 and a couple of billion globally throughout the coming 12 months.  Then there’s three M’s masking tape…however this can be a sticky subject.

After the assaults of September 11, 2001, we have been advised repeatedly that the world was modified without end. Now we’re advised that after COVID 19, life won’t ever be the identical.  That is the “new regular,” whereas the post-9/11-pre-Covid-19 world should have been the previous new regular. So the whole lot is totally different however regular additionally.  In order the Massachusetts authorities web site places it, within the days to return we could also be enabled to enact “the resumption of ‘the brand new regular.’”  This new previous regular will little doubt be a type of techno-fascist transhumanism enacted for our personal good.

As with 9/11, there’s ample proof that the corona virus outbreak was anticipated and deliberate; that individuals have been the victims of a propaganda marketing campaign to make use of an invisible virus to scare us into submission and shut down the world’s financial system for the worldwide elites.  It’s a clear case, as Peter Koenig tells Michel Chossudovsky on this must-see interview, that isn’t a conspiracy principle however a blatant factual plan spelled out within the 2010 Rockefeller Report, the October 18, 2019 Occasion 201, and Agenda 21, amongst different locations.

Like amorphous terrorists and a struggle in opposition to “terrorism,” which is a tactic and due to this fact not one thing you’ll be able to struggle, a virus is invisible besides when the media presents it as a pale, orange-spiked bunch of floating bizarre balls which can be in every single place and nowhere.  Watch your again, watch your face, masks up, wash your fingers, maintain your distance – you by no means know when these orange spiked balls might get you.

As with 9/11, every time anybody questions the official narrative of Covid-19, the official statistics, the validity of the assessments, the effectiveness of masks, the powers behind the heralded vaccine to return, and the horrible penalties of the lockdowns which can be destroying economies, killing individuals, forcing individuals to despair and to commit suicide, creating traumatized kids, bankrupting small and middle-sized companies for the sake of enriching the richest, and so on., the company media mock the dissidents as conspiracy nuts, aiding the viral enemy. 

That is so even when the dissenters are extremely revered docs, scientists, intellectuals, et al., who’re usually disappeared from the web. With September 11, there have been initially far fewer dissenters than now, and so the censorship of opposing viewpoints didn’t want the blatant censorship that’s now rising day by day.

This censorship occurs all throughout the web now, shortly and stealthily, the identical web that’s being compelled on everybody as the brand new regular as introduced within the Nice International Reset, the digital lie, the place, as Anthony Fauci put it, nobody ought to  ever shake fingers once more.

A world of summary photographs and beings by which, as Arthur Jensen tells Howard Beal within the movie, Community, “All requirements [will be] offered, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.”  A digital dystopia that’s quick approaching as maybe the top of that purple thread that runs from 9/11 to right now.

Heidi Evens and Thomas Hackett write within the New York Each day Information:

With the nation’s phantasm of security and safety in ruins, People start the sluggish and fitful strategy of therapeutic from a trauma that feels deeply, cruelly private…leaving residents all through the nation with the horrifying data of their vulnerability.

That was written on September 12, 2001.

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